Learn how to grow your social media following and book brand collaborations!

Content Queen is a course designed to teach pageant contestants, and titleholders, how to create better content to grow their following and book brand collaborations.

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How would it feel…

To have a social media strategy that provides clear steps you can take towards increasing your social media presence.

After creating a community of over 100,000 followers

I’ve seen a lot of contestants, and titleholders, try to replicate my process, but fail because they’re unaware of the tools and strategies they need to succeed.

So, I developed a social media branding system that can be applied across all platforms.

And I want to give you instant access to this system – PLUS a bonus

so you can build an engaged following – on any platform.


A social media branding course to grow your influence

Here's what you get...


Content Planning & Creation Lessons

- How to plan branded content
- What type of content you should be creating
- How to create engaging content

These lessons will teach you how to create intentional content that grows your audience. 


Engagement boosters & Video Creation

- How to increase likes, comments and shares
- The reason you NEED video content
- Tools to create video content

Inside these lessons you’ll learn applicable methods to read analytics, write captions that boost engagement, and how to create quality video content without pricey gear or software.


Evergreen Content

- How repurpose content you've already created
- How to make multiples pieces of content out of a single post
- How to save time by utilizing evergreen content

Learning how to produce evergreen content will save you so much time and help you to get the most out of the content that you create.

Get everything you need to transform your social media strategy and start building your influence.

  • Content planning & creation (Value $97)
  • Content posting & planning (Value $97)
  • Engagement boosters (Value $197)
  • Content Queen Workbook (Value $47)
  • Video content creation & Tools (Value $97)
  • BONUS: How to book brand collaborations (Value $197)

Total Value $732

Yours for Just $97


BONUS (Value $197)

How to book brand collaborations

Did you know you don’t need 100,000 followers or even 10,000 to book paid brand collaborations? Inside this bonus module, you’ll learn about what brands are “looking for”, how to identify which brands to collaborate with, how to contact brands, and how to turn an unpaid collaboration into a paid one.

Get instant access to the knowledge and tools you need to grow your social media presence today.

  • Content planning & creation (Value $97)
  • Content posting & planning (Value $97)
  • Engagement boosters (Value $197)
  • Content Queen Workbook (Value $47)
  • Video content creation & Tools (Value $97)
  • BONUS: How to book brand collaborations (Value $197)

Total Value $732

Yours for Just $97

Buy it, try it, apply it.

Your purchase is backed by our 30 day money-back guarantee.

When I started as a content creator the only tool I had was my phone. My budget was tight. It took years to turn my hobby into a profitable business. That’s why I’m still careful about how I spend my money and invest in growing my influence.

This is why I want to give you some reassurance.

I want you to feel confident investing in Content Queen, so I’m giving you 30 days to learn and implement everything within the program, and feel at ease knowing that if you’re not 100% satisfied, I’ll happily buy the program back from you.

While I can’t guarantee that you’ll gain 100k followers by next week, I am confident that you’ll have everything you need to start growing your presence online and booking brand collaborations.

Hi, I'm Dani

I’m a Youtuber  and content creator.

In 2016, I decided to get serious about growing my influence through social media.

After a lot of misses, trial, and errors, I finally saw my Youtube channel, and other social media platforms, begin to grow.

I asked myself, “Is this a fluke? Am I lucky? Will the growth continue?”

But, then I realized, everything I had been doing was intentional and it worked again-and-again.

Growing on social media is not just about creating a perfectly curated Instagram feed. It’s much more about knowing what you have to offer to your ideal audience.

This understanding gave me more confidence to create content that was specifically made for my audience.

Tell me, are you ready to start building your influence? I can’t wait to see you inside Content Queen!

Always, Dani

You have questions, I have answers...

        How long will it take me to complete the program? You could complete the program in one day if you blaze through it, but most contestants choose to take the course over a period of several days, or longer, to implement the knowledge.

        Are there refunds? Yes! If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will buy it back from you within 30 days. In order to access the refund, we ask you to show us that you’ve completed workshops, implemented the system, and still have not grown your following.

        Where do I go if I have issues accessing my purchase? You can submit your questions to info@daniwalkerofficial.com and we will respond within 24-48 hours.

        Can kids take this course? Yes, young contestants (12 under) can take this course, but it is advised that a parent take the course with them to assist with their social media management.

        I’m not “techy,” is this course easy to use? Yes, it’s easy to use. You’ll receive access information when you purchase it. The lessons are organized within your member area, which makes them easy to access.

Get everything you need today to begin your social media transformation.

Total value $732

Yours for just $97

Ready to grow your social media influence?

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Always, Dani