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Lies, you tell yourself, that stop you from winning in interview

Winning at anything is more of an art than a science. Too often there are lies you tell yourself that stop you from winning in interview. These lies are mindset issues, that effect your actions. Debunk these lies to work past them and win.

“I can’t win because of my competition.”

If you sole focus is on your competition, you’ve already lost. I’ve seen contestants walk out of a competition, disappointed in themselves, not because they didn’t do well, but because let someone get in their head which prevented them from doing their best. Unless you have powers to see into the future, you cannot predict that someone else will win, with 100% certainty. Get out of your own way by stopping this lie when it enters your conscious mind.. Regardless of who your competition is, you CAN win. Never tell yourself anything different.

“I’m not good in interview.”

If you keep telling yourself that you’re NOT good at something, chances are, it’ll become a self fulfilling prophesy. Telling yourself that you’re a terrible interviewer, won’t boost your confidence, and it certainly won’t improve you skills. But, do you know what will? PRACTICE. The truth is that a winning interview requires mastering several skills. No one is perfect; everyone has something to improve.

When I started competing in pageants, interview was my lowest scoring competition. In order to get over that mental block so I could feel confident, I practiced positive affirmations. I told myself, “I’m amazing in interview! I am confident and know how to handle any question. It’s my favorite competition.” Overtime I stopped interview and started to look forward to the opportunity to share more about myself. To help you set started, I created a list of my favorite affirmations that you can download here and try for yourself.

“I don’t know what the judges are looking for.”

No one really knows what judges are “looking for.” This changes from year-to-year and system-to-system. Using this an excuse for why you aren’t winning isn’t serving you. It’s focusing on things that are outside of your control, i.e. someone else’s opinion. You should always be focused on things that are within your control, like dedication to improving the skills necessary to take home your dream title.

“I can’t win because I’m not perfect.”

Some clients ask me, “do I need to be perfect?” The answer is, unequivocally, NO! Although titleholders spend a lot of time working on life skills, social skills, and seem “perfect,” they are certainly not. It’s obvious to judges when a contestants walks into an interview, attempting to be perfect. It often comes across as fake, because perfect does not exist. The irony is that many contestants describe an ideal titleholder as relatable. You know what’s relatable? Imperfections and flaws, because EVERYONE has them. When you stop holding yourself in an impossible standard of perfection, you’ll be able be your most authentic self in interview.

Client Love

Salena Pham

Salena Pham, Miss Northern Utah USA 2021

"Dani completely changed how I interview, in the best way possible. She was clear, concise, and constructive in her feedback and always made sure I understood how to apply what she taught me. Not only is she extremely knowledge, but is also kind and encouraging. I truly cannot thank her enough for her help and guidance."

Kristen Brooks, NAM Miss New York 2019

"Dani is beyond knowledgeable and sweet! She’s an absolute dream to work with.”

Kaitlyn Matherne, NAM Louisiana Teen 2017

"Dani is an incredible person, as well as the most encouraging mentor I have ever had. My dreams would not have become reality without her love and help!"

Cheyenne Paige, International United Miss 2017-18

"Dani made me feel so comfortable performing my first High Fashion Runway routine. With her help I had the highest score in my division and won the International title."

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