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Catriona Gray’s makeup for Miss Universe, Step-by-step

Want to recreate Catriona Gray’s Miss Universe makeup? Here’s the breakdown and products she used. I’ll add that I look nothing like Catriona Gray; recreating her Miss Universe Makeup Routine was different, to say the least. I did my best to link the exact products she used, not all were mentioned in the video (some are affiliate links, which support my blog, but are no additional cost to you.) There’s a lot of products in this routine, so let’s get right into it. 

Catriona Gray's Miss Universe Makeup routine

Skin Prep

Catriona preps her skin with micellar water. I am a fan of micellar water, but I didn’t have any on me at the time I filmed this, so I just cleansed my face. She then added face oil. Although I’ve never tried face oil (I’m hesitant because of my oily acne prone skin), I hear great things. I opted for a vitamin E serum in its place. Then she added eye cream and topped it off with primer. Last, but not least, she applies Lucas’ Papaw ointment to her lips.


For foundation she uses Nars radiant foundation with a beauty blender; I used the Maybelline dupe. The coverage is great, it’s what I used at Miss USA. She applies the foundation in the center of her face and doesn’t like to go into her hair line. After this she adds Nars radiant concealer, then sets the under eye by baking it with Huda loose powder in Pound Cake.

Eye shadow

Step one for Catrionia’s eyes is highlighting her brow bone with Charlotte Tilburry’s The Dolce Vita palette. Then she shades her crease with a soft transitional brown shadow. She sweeps this in an outward motion to enhance her cat eye.

After that, she blends a deeper brown and a red brown from Juvia’s Place Masquerade Palette, and applies these colors to her outer crease. She continues to deepen the look with a darker brown in her outer crease. Now she takes Nars Velvet Shadow stick to the inner corner of her eye and sweeps that out toward the center of her lid. Then she packs a shimmery bronze color, from the Masquerade palette, with her finger on the same spot she applied the shadow stick. Finally, she blends the look with a fluffy brush.


This next step is one of my personal favorite. She uses an Urban Decay eyeliner pencil to line her upper lid and accentuate her cat eye. This softens the look and hides imperfections for a steps that follow.

Back to shadow

She returns to her eyes and applies Stila’s Glitter and Glow liquid shadow in Bronzed Bell to her inner lid. I didn’t have anything like that, so I made due by adding even more of the metallic shadow from my Nanamacs X Jacklyn Taylor palette. With a pointed shadow brush, she redefines the look again with a dark brown shadow. 

Rather watch the tutorial? Click HERE

Eye liner & Mascara

To finish her liner she applies a black liquid liner to define her cat eye. She curls her lashes then coats them with Mabelline Hypercurl Mascara. 


Up next she applies demi-whispey eyelashes. And, get this, she adds a SECOND pair of lashes on top of them. I’ve done this in the past, but these lashes ended up looking heavy on my lids, so I wasn’t a fan. Last, she blends her natural lashes into her false ones with mascara.

Shadow: Part 3

Yes, we are back at it with the shadow. Once again, using a mix of brown and redish tone shadows from the Masquerade palette, she smokes out her lower eye, adds lower lash mascara, and lines the inside of her eyes with black liquid liner.


I thought the moment I’ve been waiting for had arrived, setting powder! But I was wrong. She swirls some Laura Mercier Candlelight Sheer Perfecting Powder under her eyes to wipe away her baking powder, not to set the entire face. As someone with oily skin, this step killed me. I took some artistic liberty to add powder to my T-zone at this point. 


Next, she highlights the bridge of her nose, to make it pop, then she contours the sides of her nose and connects her nose couture to the inner corners of her eyes, using an eyebrow palette. She continues contouring with her cheeks with Mac’s Gingerly and Peachy Keen blushes.


With one of my faves, she uses a mix of Laura Mercier’s pink and gold highlighters on the top of her cheek bones. Then she adds even MORE highlighter to the highest point of her cheek bone, beneath the lower corner of her eyes, with the Fenty’s Diamond Bomb.


Thank God, it’s finally time for brows!! My face looked so bizarre with out them. She fills them with two shades of Benefit’s brow pencil. To create a fluffy brow look she adds thin strokes of a K Palette brow pencil. She sets her brows by brushing Duo eye lash glue into them. I didn’t like the feel of this but it did hold my brows in place and achieved a fluffy brow look.


Catriona used two products on her lips, a lip liner, then Fenty’s Stunna for her bright red pout.


We are nearly finished. The final step of her Miss Universe makeup routine is to set the look with Makeup Forever’s Mist and Fix setting spray. Add side swept hair, and an ear cuff, and you’re golden.

Final Thoughts

Catriona Gray's makeup routine for Miss Universe by Dani Walker

All-in-all Catriona Gray’s makeup is not the best look for me. This shows that one makeup look does not fit all. I liked elements of her makeup routine, like her super bright under eye but, the products felt heavy on my face. If your skin in oily like mine, I would adjust the skin prep steps of this tutorial, to better suit you skin because this routine immediately caused a break out on my skin. For some more pageant makeup tips, check out my article about Interview Hair and Makeup.

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